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Are you looking for ways to boost your operational efficiency?

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Even with the best warehouse management systems in place, manually operated forklift transportation is still a bottleneck preventing optimal efficiency:

  • Rolls and pallets are lost or misplaced
  • Incorrect rolls delivered to converting machines
  • Careless forklift operations causing damage to both product and equipment
  • Falling rolls and pallets due to improper or faulty stacking
  • Inability to provide cost effective 24/7 internal transport expertise

    Download: AGV Implementation in the Pulp and Paper Industry


    High-quality and reliable intralogistics solutions specifically designed for paper industry

    Rocla AGV solutions for paper and board manufacturing offer a combination of proven technology, reliable maintenance and expert skills. The modular design based on proven warehouse truck technology by Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe allows existing maintenance personnel and facilities to be utilized with a minimum of additional training and retooling.

    Sharing a common electrically operated tractor unit with automated battery exchange capability, customizable load handling modules from forks and roll conveyors to paper reel clamps, cover most of the requirements for pulp bale, paper reel and sheeted product transportation applications.

    Implementation of an AGV fleet can have immediate bottom line advantages

    Less Hassle

    Less hassle

    • No more lost or misplaced products
    • Increased converting machine up-time with accurate and timely delivery of rolls
    • No machine or product damage from manual truck impacts
    More effiency

    More effiency

    • AGVs handle products gently and predictably reducing waste
    • Efficiency of operations through reliable on-time delivery
    • Improved housekeeping functions and lower inventory costs
    More results

    More results

    • AGV solutions are flexible to changing production and product handling requirements
    • AGV system total costs of ownership are very predictable
    • AGV system can be implemented without production stops

    Proven results – what our customers are saying

    We have delivered over 7,000 vehicles, in more than 1,000 installations, worldwide.
    See what our customers are saying about using our AGV solutions to boost their
    operations’ performance.

    “With this system, we can do the order picking at night, so every morning we already have 40 loads prepared for loading that day. So, that’s a big advantage” – Karlo Kuun, Logistics Manager, Smurfit Kappa Parenco

    “The main goal for the automation project was to reduce costs. The project was made in time by Rocla, and Rocla is our main supplier for both the AGVs and the warehouse management system” – Michael Rudat, Logistics Manager, Kabel Premium Pulp & Paper

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